Privacy Policy

CanineTech Rehab is committed to protecting our client’s privacy and the confidentiality of our client’s Personal Information by enforcing the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

The privacy act applies to any collection, use or disclosure of personal information. "Personal Information" means any information about an identifiable individual that relates to their personal characteristics (i.e. gender, age, education, and family status), their health (i.e. health history, conditions, and services received by them), and their activities or views (i.e. interactions with their physiotherapist).

In order to provide treatment it is very important for us to collect personal information including the client’s history, family history, and previous treatments the client may have received. The information collected is used to determine the best course of treatment, monitor progress, to provide reports to the client’s physician or other health care providers as needed, to invoice and process payments for services.

We rely on our client’s expressed consent or acknowledgement contained within a written, verbal or electronic process. The client will be asked to sign a written consent form and we will provide the client with the opportunity to identify to whom their information can be released. The client’s consent can be cancelled at any time, however written notice of their intentions must be provided directly to the clinic manager.

We will not release any personal information without the client’s expressed consent, except in the case of an emergency, or when required by law.

We are required by law to keep our client's files for a period of 10 years. After keeping the materials for the required 10 years, all information is destroyed.

On our website personal information is collected when clients contact us with requests for information or questions they may have. This information is also protected under our privacy policy and is treated the same as any information we collect.